Traces, imprints, vestiges, fragments, all these words form the basis of my artistic practice.
Traces and prints inspire me because they evoke an absence while summoning a singular presence.
My work lies between art and design, I like to create objects that tell a story linked to an emotion or a memory.

The earth constitutes the essential element of my practice, the earth which roots the plants and that shaped by my hand.
My current research draws on academic precepts of horticulture and my artistic career as a ceramist.
They connect know-how linked to plants and an experimental proposal touching on sensations, memories and the intimate.

I am inspired by uncultivated roadside landscapes, by this lush, fragile and ordinary nature.
I use plants that grow near my workplace. In different forms, wild plants are present in most of my installations, and interact with everyday objects charged with symbolic, human and intimate power.

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